Saturday, April 19, 2014

April update

I haven't been following up on any roadblocks lately.  Instead I have been going through the Countryman family and adding information to  It is a big family and there are a lot of generations to go through.

There have been some interesting stories so far, but that can be expected when one son decides to fight against the colonies while the rest of the family fights for the new country.

I still have roadblocks to chase down but that will wait for a bit.  Sometimes, walking away and coming back later clears the head and gives new perspective.  I hope that will work and I can find a new course to take.

Question for any genealogists out there....  What do you do when someone says you are wrong because they remember a story from childhood that is different than what your source says?  The issue is when you have a real source that you expect to be correct such as a government form written at the time of the event versus a memory of a story told years after the event.