Sunday, June 15, 2014

Harold Francis Harris

I don't usually bring up holidays but for genealogy I will.

It's Father's Day.  

So here is what I know about about my father Harold.


He was the only child of Charles Harris and Loretta Noice Harris.  His birth was August 22, 1938 in Lancaster, Ohio.  I know little of his childhood other than recently learning he was very spoiled by his Noice grandparents.

Adult Life

In the mid 1950's during the Korean Police Action he served in the US Marines as a private.  In 1957, he married his first wife Doris.  They had 2 children Diana and Samuel (Joey).  Sometime prior to 1969 they divorced.

On or about July 3, 1969 he married Joann Alajko in Washington, DC.  6 months later I was born 2 weeks late.  Before the end of 1970 the 3 of us moved to Cheektowaga, NY a suburb of  Buffalo.  Then by 1972 we we living at the family home in Buffalo.  Around this time Harold bought a fuel and service station where he repaired cars.  The business went bankrupt.  After this Harold became a travelling shoe salesman.  He was headquartered away from Buffalo and did not spend time with the family.  In the summer of 1977 I spent 2 weeks camping in Virginia with him.  I have pictures from these 2 weeks but have not scanned them.  That was the last time I saw him.  By the end of the year Harold and Joann were divorced.  I spoke to him one time on December 22, 1980 when he called days after my great grandmother died.  That was the last time we spoke.

In the early 1990's after I was married my mother said he wanted to make contact with me.  She would not give me contact information to call him.  In April 1994 my oldest was born.  My mother asked if I wanted Harold to know about his grandson.  I said yes and the next day was told he died on October 31, 1993.

I've mentioned before that it is difficult to get information out of my family.  This is a prime example of how difficult it can be.  If my mother was in contact with my father I would think she would have know he had died.  She had not moved since the divorce, the phone number did not change.  Anyone looking to notify people could easily have contacted her.  I also have issues with the 3 years between being asked if I want to talk to him and his death.  I said yes so was that answer passed on to him?  I had asked about it several times during those 3 years but never given a good answer.

So, I search for information about him and the family I never knew.  If it wasn't for Facebook I may never have been found by my niece and had a chance to chat with my brother.  We have never met.