Sunday, May 24, 2015

Court Case

I found the below on the Old Fulton History page.  I have no idea if this is the same Jacob as Jacob Gulczewski.  He was alive at the time.  There is so little information to go on with this.  If it is I'd like to know what my great great grandfather did.


CITY COURT—City Court Building. William P. Brennan, Chief Judge. Friday, September 16.
Jury Trial. Hon. Albert A. Haruell. Judge. People vs. Crossman.
Trial Term. SOIL Clara M. Jung v«. Julia Loring. E. G. Mansfield—L. Andrews. 30i«. Ellsworth M- Statler vs. K- D. Bryden Heasler. Love 4% Keating - Titus, Frye & Lamson.
3039. Edmiston's Academy of Business vs. John Miosga. W. B. GrandisonWilliam P. Colgan. _ 3040. Holsa J. Smith va. Henry D« Rouche. Lewis & Montgomery—Charles F. O'Connor.
3041. Anthony Kronenberg et al., etc., vs. Arthur Mason. Harry L Nueae— Charles F. Boine.
3056. Albert N. Beaaer vs. John A. Loewer. Gordon F. Matthews—R. L. BalL
3056. Burt C. Johnson vs. William Kmmett. C. D. Coyle—Levant D. Lester.

3057. Jacob Gulczewski and one - Wojciech Kalimowski and one. Smokowski-»W. H. Jones. 

305-8. Waclaf Pszesnolowski vs. Frank Pelczywski. John D. Clute—Albert G. Lange.