Saturday, May 14, 2016

My great grandfather Alajko and 2 of his daughters.

Recently my mom asked me to check some burial records for 3 people in my Alajko line.

This sent me to St Stanislaus Cemetery to look for the grave stones.  With some help from the great staff I got a map of the cemetery and a list of people buried near by.  The list proved very helpful.  

I looked for the first and couldn't find a stone but I did find her neighbor so I was able to tel where Stanislawa Alajko was buried.  Looking over the other stones that were there it seems like this was a child cemetery section.  The oldest person we found was only 6 years old.  It was a large section with many children that died in 1923.  There were many spots with no stones.  Sad that so many children would not have their names set in stone for later generations to remember.

Next we searched for her father, my great grandfather, Jozef Alajko.  He had a stone and it only need a little cleaning.  He died just 2 years after his daughter and 4 months after the birth of his last child, Genevieve Alajko.  Out of his 9 children he buried 3 before his own death.  My grandfather had a twin who was I found since this visit is also buried at St. Stanislaus.  This left my great grandmother to raise 6 children on her own starting just before the Depression.

Last record I searched was for Jozefa Alajko.  She was just 1 day old when she died in 1913.  The section she is buried is mostly grass with very few stones.  It was impossible to determine her exact spot.  As far as I could tell from the few stones and the records they gave me these were again all children, many children that died in 1913. 

My grandparents are buried here as well as my Great grandparents in my Switkowski line and one Great great Grandparent.

My real blogs are few and far between but I do try do them, hopefully I will have time for more.