Wednesday, August 17, 2016


I'm thinking I should legally change my name to Anonymous Smith. That way all the descendants that are interested in genealogy will be just as wound up about names as I am.

I am researching the Red line on my father's side. This family is distant cousins but still close enough that I could glean something useful on the closer lines. They lived among the other families in Auglaize and Fairfield counties in Ohio. They should have interacted with each other in schools and work; something I hope to find out.

Red is a not too common of a last name, but our ancestors ideas on spelling and record keeping change things. Red can be Red, Reed, Reeds, or Redd.

Then I get to Garnett Red.  Her name is RED RED.  I lose her after the 1910 US Census at age 5.  She is not with her parents at 15 and I don't see her anywhere else.  Searching online gets me makeup, a Porsche, a PS4 (kinda cool looking but not what I'm looking for), and hair dye.  Using different wildcards and usual search parameters gets me my own information on or

The search continues.