Polish Immigrants In Buffalo

I will be adding links and information concerning the life of Polish immigrants in the Buffalo, New York area in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Growing up in 1970's in the East Side of Buffalo, known as Polonia, one set of stories I heard from many people was about the bars.  Many of the original Polish immigrants were brewers.  Many German immigrants settled in the same area and they also brought brewers with them.  This lead to many bars and taverns with their own brand of beer.  The stories were that on a Friday night a group of friends would start on one end of Polonia and drink their way to the other end by Sunday night.  One drink at every bar from Broadway and Bailey to Broadway and Fillmore.  No one ever claimed to have made it.  Bars in Buffalo close at 4am officially.  Back in the day they stayed open all night with little worries from the police closing them down.  A 2 mile stretch of street had at one time over 50 places to stop and drink.  As the Goo Goo Dolls song says Broadway is Dark Tonight, most of those places have closed as the younger generations have moved on to the suburbs of Lancaster and Cheektowaga.

"Buried the Baby" (From The Buffalo Evening News, Buffalo, NY

Buffalo's Polonia history