Brick Walls

This page will list blogs about the brick walls in my family research.
Not all of these people will be the usual brickwall of difficult to research.  These are where my current research has stopped as of now.  They may well turn into very difficult areas to research, but because of the number of people in my tree I need a place to stop while I go back and research others.  Those listed here will be for ancestors going back years.  I plan to list those collateral relatives on another page.  There are os so many of those family lines that just seem to stop.

Maternal Side:
Brick Wall Stanislaus Alajko
Brickwall Wiktoryia Woskowski
Brickwall Andreas Glowacki
Brickwall Antonia Trzcinski
Brickwall Joannes Gulczewski
Brickwall Josepha Boncyk
Brickwall Joseph Szafranski
Brickwall Marianne Jankowiak
Brickwall Teofil Alajko
Double check/Brickwall Wladyslaw
Ludwika Szymanska

Paternal Side:
Rose Evans