Countryman - Work in progress reseach.

My wife is a direct relative of Jacob the Torrie Countryman. Or Jacob the Loyalist Countryman. It depends on which side of the British Civil or US Revolutionary War you were on. He is the grandson of Johann Friedrich Guntermann lower Palatine region of southwest Germany located between the French border on the west and the Rhine River to the east, north of Switzerland.

Johann had 5 sons Andreas, Johann, George, and Johann Conrad. Johann Conrad went by Conrad. Conrad is the father of Jacob. This family has a tendency to reuse names which although honors the past it makes determining who is who when studying the family a struggle.

Conrad's children were: Adam, Marcus, Frederick, John (Johannnes), Conrad, Jacob, George, Barbara (or Anna Rosina), Anne Eve, and Mary. So you see here Conrad had sons Conrad and Jacob. My information follows Jacob's line but if we assume they followed the family trend you will see how determining who did what becomes an issue.

Jacob's children were: Margaret (Guntermann) Eamon, Conrad Countryman,Jacob Countryman II, Catherine Countryman, Christien Countrymann, John Countryman, Dorothea Countryman, Hannah Countryman, Mary Countryman, and Nancy J. Countryman.

Jacob II's children were: Dorothea Countryman, Anna (Countryman) Brownell, Nancy J. (Countryman) Prunner, Jacob Countryman, Margaret (Countryman) Hardy, William Countryman, John Countryman, Mary (Countryman) Woodman and Sarah (Countryman) Watson.

As you can see at this point we have 3 Jacobs and 3 Conrads just in this small part of the line. Imagine if all of Jacob I's 6 brothers also naming their sons Conrad and Jacob. There could be 12 more Jacobs and Conrads in the same area.

Notice that Jacob II had a son named William. There is a Living William Gilbert Countryman, son of William, of William, of Bernard, of that William. There are many other Williams in the family tree after Jacob II's son.

I have many sources but the main source is the book:
Jacob Countryman
United Empire Loyalist
Ancestors and Descendants in Canada and the United States
Dr. Paul I. Countryman B.Sc., M.Sc., B.Ed., D.D.S., U.E.
Dr. David L. Montgomery B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D., U.E.
Barry J. Countryman B.A., B.Ed., U.E.

They have done some great research on the family. There are other books from an earlier time but I have not been able to get my hands on these. I hope to some day. United Empire Loyalist has a name index of Jacob I's descendants that shows 9 Jacob Countryman, 3 Conrads, and 29 Williams. These are just from sons of sons, I have not counted those names with the surnames of the daughters. I cannot imagine what the three authors went through to separate 29 different Williams while searching records that crossed two countries.

In the past few days I have been able to connect to other descendants of Jacob on #Wikitree and hope to be able to flesh out more details of this line.

In the Revolutionary War, Jacob stayed loyal to the British Crown and fought against his family.

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